Walnut Barn Door

Seems like sliding barn doors are all the rage these days.  Turns out I was recently commissioned to build one.  In my case, it was just the door.  The client took care of the hardware so I didn’t have to deal with that.

I built this one out of walnut lumber.  I absolutely love walnut.  The basic construction is frame and panel.  It came together really nicely and all in all its a pretty simple build.  If you like to see how I went about it check out the video below.



2 Replies to “Walnut Barn Door”

  1. This just blew my mind. I work in a small shop and have trouble ripping long pieces. It never occurred to me that I could rip half the piece than flip it over. Obviously there is a kick back concern, but this seems better than trying to hold this cantilevered piece on the table saw while hoping the piece was aimed well enough to avoid the other obstacles in my shop

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