Make a Marking Knife

Recently I’ve caught the hand cut joinery bug.  You probably know that I’ve been practicing my dovetails and completed my first project, a dovetailed keepsake box.  I had a lot of fun with that build but it was clear to me that I was under-tooled.  I needed a marking knife.

I decided to try and make my own.  I’m not a frugal guy by any means.  I could just purchased one but I thought I’d challenge myself and see with I could come up with.  The end result is pretty good, has a unique look and works really well.

I started with a high speed steel jig saw blade and ground off the teeth and formed one end into a point at my disc sander.

Next I grabbed a scrap of walnut and turned a quick handle.  Nothing special here.  It’s about 6″ long and seems like a fancy pencil or pen when you hold it.

Next I took the blade over to my WorkSharp 3000 to hone the bevel and flatten the blade.  I was surprised to see that the jig saw blade had a series of curves in it, like a serpentine.

With the blade prepared, I cut a kerf into it to accept the blade and used a two part epoxy to attach the blade.  Once the epoxy had cured I scraped any squeeze out off the knife and wrapped it with bailer’s twine in stead of using a traditional brass or bronze ferrel.  I did that because I didn’t have a ferrel on hand.  I’ve seen other people use twine so I figured that I’d be good to go.  I wrapped the twine around the knife and secured it with CA glue.

With the CA glue dry it was time for a finish, Danish oil.