Sharpening with the WorkSharp WS3000

Recently I got a new tool in the shop.  It the WorkSharp WS3000 and it makes sharpening my chisels and plane irons really fast and really easy.  Here’s a video I made showing how easily it allows me to take a beat up chisel and make it cut like new.


Before I had the WS3000 I used water stones to sharpen my tools.  These work great but compared to the WS3000 they are a pain to use.  I just got so tired to dealing with the mess.  Getting out the water, soaking the stones, then of course the actual sharpening and trying to keep the stones flat.

The WS3000 gets me working wood again quickly, and because of that I’m all about it.

Purchase the WorkSharp WS3000 (affiliate link):

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