Make It Forward Project

A few weeks ago I became involved in the Make It Forward Project.  Essentially, six of us on Twitter decided to build a project together.  The first person builds something and sends it to the next.  That person adds to it and sends it to the next and so on.  When the project is completed we plan to auction it off and donate the proceeds to charity. There is no set thing being built from the beginning so we each have freedom to do what we wish with the portion of the project that we receive.  This is what I did with my portion.

You can follow along with the project on Twitter @makeitforward.  The six participants for this round are:

Mark Dolan: @markspens

Brian McCauley: @mccauleysdesign

Sean Rubino: @seanrubino

Jimmy DiResta: @jimmydiresta

Improbably Construct: @imprblconstruct

Kip Vanover: @ironface077

Be sure to follow all of them for great builds on Twitter.

I was the second person in line for this project.  Mark was kind enough to send me two checker board pieces.  One was 16″ square and the other was 12″ square.


My first thought was to use the large board for the top of a case and the small board for the bottom of the case.  This would require a compound mitered case, sort of like making crown moulding.  I also planned on incorporating a drawer.  After seeing the case I built my loving wife told me it was crap and that I needed to come up with something else.  So, it was back to the drawing board.

My second idea was similar except that the case would not be angled and have half blind dovetail construction.  I’d use the large board as the top and the smaller board as the bottom of the drawer.  This is what I ultimately decided on however it wasn’t without it’s issues either.  I originally built the case and drawer from Maple.  Unfortunately when cutting the dovetails I make a mistake and the case was not salvageable.  The drawer was just fine though.  At this point I had run out of Maple so I decided to make the case again but this time I used walnut.  I think in the long run this looks much better.

Here are some photos of the final piece.  At least as far as my portion goes.

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