Looking At My Earlex 2901 HVLP Spray System

A few weeks ago a viewer on my YouTube channel asked me if I’d do a quick walk through of the spray system that I use in my shop.  Here is the video.

It’s the least expense of the Earlex line.  I bought it at my local home center for around $100.  I don’t have an air compressor in my shop so I have to use an electric gun or a HVLP turbine.  I used to use the electric sprayers that you can buy from Harbor Freight.  I didn’t have good luck with those.  Despite cleaning them very well I’d generally only get one use out of them before they stopped working.  I was in a bind and needed a sprayer to finish up a commission so I purchased this.  I have to say that I’m very happy with it and it does a great job for me.  If your interested in picking one up here is a link.


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