Cutting Through Dovetails – Pins First

This year, in 2016 I really want to up my hand joinery game so I’ve been working on cutting dovetails.  Until today every set of dovetails I’ve cut have been tails first.  I know, there is a huge debate about which is better or correct, tails first or pins first.  I’m of the mindset that you should use whichever technique that works best for you.  Whichever that is, that’s the best one.

Prior to this most recent set of dovetails, I’ve only cut four sets total.  I’m definitely still a beginner.  I was looking into different methods and it was brought to my attention that some people cut their dovetails pins first, so I decided to give it a try.  Frank Klausz seems to be the most well known pins first guy and his is the technique that I used.

If you’d like to see how it went, check out the video below.

I still have a ways to go in my dovetail journey before I can say that I can cut a decent set, but I get better each time I try!

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