Making a Carver’s Mallet

I recently cut my first set of hand cut dovetails.  In the process I realized that I needed a proper mallet, among other tools.  I decided that I’ve been woodworking for too long not to have a mallet so it was off to the lathe to turn a carver’s mallet.

I make the mallet from a glued up blank of walnut and maple.  If you’d like to see how I did it check out the video below.

Hand Cutting Dovetails – My First Time

So, I’m not known for my hand tool work.  I saw, plane and chisel as necessary but generally if there is a way I’m going to use a power tool of some sort.  I decided that I should give dovetails a try with hand tools.  I do like the way the look better when they are cut by hand.  There is a certain elegance to them.  Watch the video below to see how I did.

So, they aren’t great.  But for a first try they aren’t bad either.  I’m definitely going to continue to work of hand cut joinery.  Someday all of my dovetails will be cut by hand.

Replicating Drawer Slides

My wife has recently gotten into refurbishing vintage furniture.  She picked up this old Art Deco style dresser a few months ago and got to work.

IMG_7841 She spent a lot of time working on this dresser, coming up with her design for it, figuring out how to go about making her design a reality and then tackling the job.

She started by taking the removable parts of the dresser off and removing the drawers.  Then she sanded the entire thing.

It was clear that the drawers had to go.  They were dovetailed together but over the years and abuse from former owners I guess even dovetails will fail.  Because of the past repairs that had been made the drawers themselves couldn’t be salvaged so she set out to make new ones.

With the drawers made it was then clear that the wooden slides needed to be replaced.  They were old and broken and just couldn’t be fixed.  That is where I came in on this project.  I replicated the drawer slides for my wife on this project.  I made a video about the process of replicating the slides.

IMG_8745Once all the building was done my wife painted the dresser, applied a decorative wall paper to the drawers and modge podged over it to adhere it to the surface.

Finally she distressed the whole thing.  I think it came out great.  What are your thoughts?